Sanctum [sank-tuh-m]:

sacred or holy place

Vitae [vee-tie]:

the course of one’s life

Sanctum Vitae is born out of an amazing journey of self-discovery, healing, and connection with a power greater than ourselves. This name was chosen because every part of our existence is sacred, in this lifetime and others, every moment. Our actions towards ourselves, each other, each creature and towards our mother earth matters.

Am I Getting Too Deep or Introspective?

Everything and everyone in this universe is made from the same source energy. We are all part of a grander and more spectacular picture than we realize. We believe our spirit and life force energy has existed long before we were “born” and will continue after we leave this physical body.

Our intention is to connect with the community through service and compassion. Our goal is to assist in helping create a sacred existence, and for all to embrace, cherish, cultivate and find inner peace, health, and happiness.

Our metaphysical and holistic healing practice focuses on helping others become well in body, mind, and spirit through working with the realm of guidance in every healing modality we offer such as, Reiki, Energetic Attunements, Spirit Crossing, Mediumship, Animal Communication/Healing, Guided Meditations, Group Workshops, Healing Shares, Community Service Projects, Environmental and Social Activism, Sustainable Community Creation/Support, and much more.

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