Amber Vinci - Reiki Practitioner, Evidential Medium, Intuitive, and Psychic

I am a born psychic medium.

Since early childhood, I have been connected with and contacted by Spirit. Throughout my childhood and young adulthood, I suppressed these wonderful abilities because of doubt, ignorance, and fear of not being accepted by my family and loved ones.

However, I have always experienced inexplicable events and synchronicity throughout my life and could sense information about past/future events, emotions, and energy around me and others.

Maybe you have too?

Denying these gifts caused a great number of health issues for me, from social anxiety to chronic pain issues and everything in between due to the overload of energy that my mind and body were trying to process.

I relied on antidepressants, ADHD medication, and pain management prescriptions in an attempt to feel “normal” in order to function normally for my family, in my job, and my personal life. I was stuck, miserable, and it took being diagnosed with a debilitating chronic illness to find my true path.

Looking for a way to heal myself or find some relief from my failing health and chronic pain, I came across a local Reiki class and took the leap to attend. Walking through that door was the best decision of my life, and was a clear signal to the Universe and the angelic realm that I was finally ready and open to use the gifts I was given by collaborating with the angels to help and assist others.

My first session with Amber was a total amazing experience! Amber is very professional and ensured that I was comfortable at all times. I will definitely schedule another session with her soon! Thank you so much Amber! — D. Babas

Since opening myself up and reconnecting with my natural abilities, I have been contacted by spirit through:

  • Clairvoyance (“seeing” without the physical eyes)
  • Clairaudience (“hearing” without the physical ears)
  • Clairsentience (“feeling” without the physical body)
  • Claircognizance (a “knowing” of information without prior knowledge)

Additionally, I can physically see, feel, and even hear Spirit as well as energy.

Before my first Reiki experience, I was a devout atheist, earned degrees in the field of science, and believed science alone held the keys and truth behind our universe and our natural world.

In the beginning connecting with my gifts left me feeling like I was crazy, as it would for most people. I once again feared that the credibility and respect I had worked so hard to achieve in my career as well as my relationships with family, my children, husband, and friends were all in jeopardy.

I Was Wrong.

This time, instead of turning away I chose to embrace my new connection with the Universe and fan the flame to see where this calling would take me. After connecting with some amazing mentors, I am now living the life I was meant to live, my heart is soaring, and I’ve found my place and my calling.

Join me on this path of self-discovery, connecting with spirit, and opening yourself up to a metaphysical and holistic journey of healing, happiness, relaxation, closure, guidance, relief and so much more.

I am passionate and driven to help mentor, heal and bring peace to as many lives as I can through my metaphysical gifts and energy work.

Ready to take the first step towards embracing your sacred life?

Contact me or call (831) 250-1222 to set up a consultation or if you are ready to schedule your first session, book an appointment with me today.

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