Most services are based off of minimum donation amounts.

Angel Card Psychic Reading

During a angel card psychic reading, I’m able to help provide answers, direction, and guidance for all areas and challenges that life may bring through communication with the angelic realm . Through the grace of the angels I am able to provide honest, straightforward feedback to help you live a happier, healthier life.

Hospice Service

We want nothing more than those who are ready to transition from the physical realm to the spiritual to be honored and clear when they are ready. There are times when those who are close to passing have a need to let go of this physical life or to be at peace before passing. We offer FREE Reiki services and unconditional love to those in need.

Reiki/Energy Attunement

During our session, we will assess your energetic signature and  aura, to help assist us in knowing how your energy flows and where to go to assist in allowing your energy to flow in a more productive way for your body. By doing this, you will be able to better heal and receive healing from your own body, for our body is powerful and is able to heal itself with attention and a little assistance. Energetic attunements help in accelerating and adjusting you and your energy towards your life purpose

Space Clearing/Spirit Crossing

Space Clearing and Spirit Crossing are tools used to clear energetic attachments from personal & work spaces. There are times when energy gets “stuck” in a a location, with an item, or with a person. There is nothing to fear because all energy is creator energy, it simply gets distorted. That’s were we come in to help move the energy back to Source, where it belongs.

Animal Communication/Healing

We give voice to those who have none. We offer services to farm animals, rescue/sanctuaries, house pets and more. During animal communication, we are able to help provide answers, direction, and guidance for all areas concerning your animals well-being. We are able to provide honest, straightforward feedback to help you understand how to provide a happier and healthier life for your animal companion.

Addiction Services

If you are willing to let go of your addiction, you are ready to heal. We are firm believers that there are no conditions in which you must meet to receive the grace of the Creator in your healing, for where are the conditions in unconditional love? Unconditional love is the foundation to miraculous healing. We facilitate this healing modality through psychic readings, energy adjustments & therapy where you make the choice to no longer run but to face your true path & destiny.

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