Animal Communication/Healing

Give a voice to your four-legged loved one.
Allowing them the opportunity to communicate
their needs to you.


Available for Farm/Sanctuary/Home Animals

Animal Communication with Ama & Arizen

Ama & Arizen are blessed to be granted access to communication with the hearts and mind of the animal kingdom. Any concerns you may have can be addressed as well as straightforward communication from them to you.


Herd Healing Sessions

These sessions are the most popular with sanctuary/wild animals. During a herd session, we connect to the ancestral energy of the herd collective as well as through the Akashic records of the Animal Kingdom. In doing this, we are tuning into their ancestral DNA patterns as well as the primordial energy of the animal kingdom itself. This clarity assists us in gaining a heightened awareness of herd needs.

Individual Healing Session

Individual healing sessions are most useful for domesticated animals. When illness arises, domesticated animals naturally gravitate away from their herd/guardian. We facilitate a clearing of your animal’s energetic body bringing a stronger, clearer connection of energy. Domesticated animals have a strong bond with their guardian(owner)/ alpha. During the session, we supply the guardian (you) with the necessary tools needed to properly aid you in training your loved one by creating a stronger heart/trust bond.

Animals are OUR Healers

Because of this, they will take on our physical and energetic blockages to assist us in healing. Our goal is to assist these little helpers with any physical and/or energetic healing that is for their highest and greatest good.

Animal Communication/Healing ideal for:

  • Health Issues
  • Anxious Behaviors
  • Nutritional Needs/Preferences
  • PTSD, and more

How does animal communication/healing work?

When we perform animal communication we “tune” into each animals energetic body. This allows us to facilitate a closer connection between you and your furry loved ones. As we connect with them we are in direct contact with a multitude of angels and spirit guides assisting us in understanding their needs and desires.

How can everyone prepare?

Animal communication and healing takes place in the comfort of the animal’s own environment. We find that animals are less stressed and more open to receiving and communicating in the comfort of their own home. To ensure maximum receptivity and communication we ask few preparations before we arrive:

  • Schedule the session after feeding time.
  • Have a list of questions/issues prepared.
  • If your animal is particularly attached to a specific person we ask for that person to be available.

You may be surprised in what you hear or what we uncover together, often the answers you receive can be far more revealing than you might have expected.

Travel Considerations/Charges

Travel/ Additional Charges

There is a $50 travel charge for traveling to locations 45 min to 1-hour (average travel time) outside of the Monterey, 93940 zip code area. Please calculate travel time using this link:,CA. If longer travel time is required, please contact me well in advance of your event to inquire on pricing.

Pricing starts at $100 per hour with a 2-hour minimum. After our scheduled 2 hours, you can choose to have me stay for longer and we can also arrange this up front if need be. Additional time beyond 2 hours will cost $50 per additional hour.

Terms: Cash, Credit, or Debit Cards accepted. No paper checks please.

All Day/Over Night Sessions (6+ Hours)

All day/over night sessions are in reference to travel of 4+ hours (one way) or travel outside of the state of California. (Please see Travel/Additional Charges) box to the left for travel charges. (This pays for travel, food, and lodging)

Ama & Arizen will arrive at the location and be available for a 6-hour period including 10-minute breaks on the hour as well as an hour for lunch.

Unlimited healing sessions for all animals will be available for the 6-hours booked (except for break times and lunch). These can be either a herd, individual, or both types of sessions.

Terms: $200 deposit due at time of booking. Remainder due upon arrival.

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