Angelic Coaching

Holistic Coaching utilizes my ability to connect primarily with the angelic realm and my holistic approach to life to help you shift your perspective from a limited, fear-based ego view to one of empowerment and a better overall perspective of your life’s journey. The angels know the timeline of your life, for time has no hold on these benevolent beings. Everything we face in life has a spiritual/energetic connection as well as an energetic signature.


I feel as though my soul mission is to help and assist in setting your path on the course of energetic alignment, to find your inner most joy. When we acknowledge and ask for help from a power greater than ourselves, miraculous changes occur. We are all gifted a connection to the guidance but many feel it is impossible to hear them. Let’s connect together and ask for guidance and assistance to help you identify, clarify, and align with a more empowered perspective – as a soul on an evolutionary journey in perfect divine order.


What is included: 2 hours of in person time to ask questions, get to the root of the “issue(s)”, create a game plan and get started. Additionally, you will receive Angel Card Readings & 3 – 30 min Skype/phone sessions for further support.

Why is angelic coaching so effective?

Every issue and challenge has a spiritual connection.

When we acknowledge difficulties, pain, and struggles we face on a spiritual level we can heal and create massive shifts in our lives and what we had previously seen as impossible. Together, you and I can work on any area of your life: health, work, relationships, issues in the past, present and future.

How does an holistic coach differ from a regular life coach?

Having opened myself up to a higher source of energetic connection, I can see, hear, and feel messages and guidance from a higher source. So can you! This provides a greater support that is non-judgmental, unbiased, and specific to your needs. Traditional life coaches tend to be impersonal, task-oriented, process-driven, and emotionally disconnected.

Our time together will be an experience between two souls. This allows me to feel or sense your pain, and many other internal struggles. This deep connection creates a more beneficial experience and can even uncover underlying problems or causes which may have otherwise gone unnoticed or unaddressed in a traditional setting.

How does holistic coaching differ from a reading?

A Holistic Coaching session combines the power of a divine source of guidance, and life coaching to help shift or improve your life in ways you may not have believed were even possible!

These sessions help you clarify career direction, heal pain and losses, in order to live a more successful, joyful and meaningful life. Holistic Coaching also helps provide further direction or a deeper understanding of how to utilize the messages and guidance I receive to create lasting change in your life.

Throughout the course of our session, I utilize a variety of holistic modalities depending on your needs which can include psychic readings, life coaching, and energy healing. Every client is unique, and I go into every session with a clear and open mind.

Ready to take the first step towards embracing your sacred life?

Contact me or call (831) 250-1222 to set up a consultation or if you are ready to schedule your first session, book an appointment with me today.

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