Akashic Record/Psychic Readings

As intuitive psychics, Ama & Arizen connect to the sacred
realm of the Akashic Records with the intention
to help you on your ascension path.

Sacred Connections

We are all blessed to be granted access to communication with divine guidance, such as the Ascended Masters, Angels, the Akashic Records, etc. Ama & Arizen are simply more “practiced” in the art of connecting with these realms.

Every time we contact this realm of energy we are in direct contact with a multitude of divine entities as well as connecting with your personal guides that assist YOU every day!

Our goal is to help you gain a stronger connection so that you may trust in the guidance you are receiving on a daily basis and to clear blocks that divert you from your divine path or from receiving guidance.

They are there…even if you don’t know it!

Readings are typically done in person at your preferred location or over Skype, phone, or email.

How is Does a Reading the Akashic Records Differ from a Traditional Psychic Reading?

Connecting to the Akashic Records in tandem with connecting to guidance differs from a traditional psychic reading in that these readings can be used to help work through a great number of areas of your life such as letting go of past life experiences that ripple through your DNA causing energetic blockages in the present day, clearing old emotions/experiences that cause a ripple effect in our daily lives as well as give clarity to present day blockages that have the potential to drastically effect your future path.

This covers a multitude of blockages pertaining to career challenges or changes, financial matters, relationships, emotional and mental struggles, and much more.

We do not predict the future or lay false hope on potential outcomes. Everyone has the gift of free will, and there are an endless number of possibilities and choices one can make to influence future events. The major goal of this session is to uncover what is lying in the way of your joy, hopes, dreams, and manifestations.

At times we will see future events for you or others, but there are many internal and external factors which may alter what is to come. The outcome, or future, always relies on you choosing your joy and what is best for you.

When working with a psychic, you may find that the messages you receive are not always clear or meant to be taken at face value. Do not worry, seeing a future event may have many meanings and implications. It is always good practice to reflect further and  contemplate on the message to process the deeper meaning.

During the Session

During our reading, we can explore many areas of your life or questions you may be struggling with including love and relationships, health, life purpose, career, education, general guidance and more.

During our session we are upfront, honest, and straightforward with the messages and guidance we receive. This serves to benefit you and helps us work through the questions and issues you are facing. We are here to simply provide guidance and direction to overcome unwanted outcomes in a positive and productive way.

You may be surprised in what you hear or what we uncover together and often the answers you receive can be far more revealing than you might have expected.

How can I prepare?

Readings typically go much smoother when participants are ready with at least one to two questions prepared. For example:

  • What is the energy surrounding a career change at this time?
  • Can you give some guidance on my current relationship (either love/work/family etc…)?
  • What’s the energy surrounding my options for…?

Ready to take the first step towards embracing your sacred life?

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