Energetic Attunements/Reiki Services

Reiki, pronounced Ray-key, is a gentle holistic energy
healing technique and one of the oldest and most
versatile healing systems in existence.

The Benefits of Attunements & Reiki

Energetic attunements are so versatile, the benefits are endless!

From newborn infants to adults, energetic attunements are so gentle they can be used to help all ages heal. Because we are all divinely whole and perfectly healed, the assistance of the Angelic realm and guidance are the best suited to assist in energy healing. We have personally witnessed miraculous results working with the angels and call upon your personal angels as well as our own to assist and guide us specifically to your needs. This restores the energy system of your entire physical body as well as your entire spiritual/energetic body to its optimal state of health and wellness.

At the sub-atomic level, we are all comprised of the same life-force energy. From a grain of sand to flowers you plant in your garden, to all of humanity and even the angels. We deserve the opportunity to be restored to optimal health.

One of the greatest health benefits of Angelic Reiki is relaxation and stress reduction, triggering the body’s own natural healing abilities. Angelic Reiki not only balances the mind and emotions, it can bring forth miraculous healing!

The positive benefits of Energetic Attunememnts can include:

  • mental balance and clarity
  • enhanced learning and memory
  • relief or cure mood swings
  • relief or cure physical pain
  • relief or cure insomnia
  • reduction of fear, frustration, anger, grief
  • as well as healing mental/ emotional wounds

This modality helps cure or relieve dis-ease such as: pain from migraines, arthritis, sciatica, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, PMS, menopausal symptoms, reproductive issues, insomnia, joint disorders, and much more. Additionally, it can speed up recovery from surgery or long-term illnesses, relieve side-effects from medications such as Chemotherapy, or enhance allopathic medical treatments.

What happens during a session?

Each session is unique and specific to each persons needs.

Before the session, we will discuss the reason for your visit, albeit a physical, emotional or spiritual concern. This one-on-one consultation establishes a comfort level between us, allows us to learn more about you, and helps you relax, and de-stress. This time is for you.

This healing modality relies heavily on positive energy, thoughts, and intentions. Therefore, spending time with you upfront to help create a positive healing environment will benefit the results of your session immensely.

Once the session begins, you will lay fully clothed (under a blanket if you prefer) on a massage table for treatment. We will move through a series of hand placements either just above or on your body allowing universal healing energy to through us as conduits. We do not take your energy or give you our energy. We simply allow universal healing energy to remind your body of its original blueprint of perfection. In the end it all relies upon your willingness to believe that you are whole and perfect in every way.

Since these sessions are so unique to your needs, there is no formal process or series of movements which we follow for every client. We move and focus on the areas that we feel intuitively called to. Letting the angels guide the session promoting a more beneficial result.

During the treatment, you may experience a variety of sensations, emotions, releases, etc.  Some clients have described the sensations as a tingling, feeling of warm syrup through the body, slight heat, coolness, an overall sense of relaxation, or all of the above! Some clients have even fallen asleep, which is perfectly fine and the highest of compliments!

At the conclusion of the session the sensation of total relaxation has been known to leave some clients in a trance-like state, neither awake or sleeping. Because of this, I gently let you know that the session is complete and allow you to come back slowly to the present. Afterwards, we will discuss any insights we have received from the angels during the session and suggestions for maintaining your energy needs.

Angelic Distance Reiki

As part of Reiki training, second-degree practitioners learn how to invoke healing Reiki energy across time and space. The most common question from new clients is: “Does Distance Reiki work?” The simple answer is yes, but let us explain how.

The practice of Angelic Distance Reiki is far more powerful and all-encompassing than you might realize. Not only can it be used to treat individuals and their physical body, but also as a means to help cleanse groups, neighborhoods, or geographic areas.

Angelic Distance Reiki follows the Hermetic Law of Similarity, which states that we are all connected and are all made from the same energy matter and part of a larger whole. Since the Angles know no boundaries of time and space, together we invoke this law during a Distance Reiki session, and we are able to link to the energy field of the recipient or place.

Angelic Distance Reiki energy can be transmitted to anyone by directing positive thoughts and energy to their energy signature.

To achieve optimal results, we will schedule a mutual time with the recipient, so they are open and ready to receive healing energy. The recipient is instructed to spend this time in a quiet environment in a relaxed position, either sitting or lying flat (as they would in person). During this scheduled time, we will be prepared to immediately start sending Angelic Reiki energy.

Reiki energy can be sent to anyone at any time so long as they are willing and open to receive it, however it is best to be present and in a relaxed state while receiving the treatment in order to actually feel the energy working and for a discussion afterwards on what was felt during the session.

We suggest that all clients, for the exception of clients who are being treated for insomnia, set an alarm for themselves to be ready for their follow-up over the phone. This can be scheduled for any time after the session. This is because many people fall asleep or are in a deep meditative state during and after a session.

During the follow-up, we go over the results of what we found during the session; we can email the results as well. In treatments for insomnia we will wait for a scheduled time on the following day to discuss the results if a telephone follow-up is requested.

Our distance clients have verified the same benefits for Distance Reiki as with a traditional Reiki session including profound sensations of relaxation, happiness, relief from pain, lower stress and anxiety, and more. Given the fact they are not physically present when we perform Angelic Reiki, some clients also experience an even greater energetic experience or breakthrough because they are in the comfort of their own environment.

Anyone who believes in the power of prayer will find Distance Reiki just as powerful, just used for different reasons. Both are based on the belief we can send others our positive thoughts, energy, love and intentions through a higher, more powerful source. It is all based on love and the intention to heal those in need.

Reiki with Crystals

Angelic Reiki with Crystals

You may be wondering, isn’t Angelic Reiki channeling healing energy from the Universe?
And if so, why is there a need to add crystals to the mix?

Adding crystals to Angelic Reiki sessions can be helpful because we are a physical part of this earth, and therefore, our bodies resonate with other physical aspects of our planet. For instance, using obsidian in a session where a person feels ungrounded can give an extra measure of support to the cells in the body by communicating a vibration of relaxation to the point where the natural healing processes contained in the cells can activate.

Additionally, because we are energetic beings we attract and absorb energy, whether it be another’s emotional energy, environmental stress, or other “debris” we come across in our daily life. Reiki when combined with crystals helps clear this energy out of the auric field returning you to a more clear, vibrant, and present state of being.

How and why do we use crystals?

  • To dissolve blocked or stagnant energy that is impeding the natural flow of organic and inorganic energy (i.e. blood flow or chakra energy that can slow or stop the healing process).
  • To absorb unwanted or unneeded energy like stress, anger, grief, etc.
  • To direct energy to enhance the flow throughout the body and auric field, (the body’s electromagnetic field that surrounds us all), to allow you to have direct access to your own vital energy, power, and strength.
  • To infuse energy into the auric field and body in order to assist in healing, infusing more loving energy to assist in the ability to boost your self-love and self-esteem, empowering energy to boost your courage or to find your “voice”, healing energy, endurance, etc.

Additionally, we use crystals to balance the four parts of ourselves: Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, and Physical.

Angelic Reiki also assists this process because it harmonizes the crystals, calms and relaxes the client, and balances the four parts of the self, returning each person to their unique homeostasis between their physical and energetic bodies.

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